Our neighborhood...

The middle Wied-valley is the ideal starting point for extensive hiking, splendid excursions along the Rhine or MoselleDas great viewpoints like Malberg or Drachenfelshotel in Königswinter and much more - and in the Engelsburg on a beautiful hill overlooking the Wiedtal see the central starting point for your activities... Follow the links by clicking on pictures and learn more about the extensive possibilities for your vacation

Touristikbüro Wiedtal - here you can find the latest information, tips for trips and events

Seilbahn Koblenz - Hover over the Rhine by cable car to the fortress Ehrenbreitstein - about 40 km from the hotel

Drachenfels in Königswinter - climb on foot or by train to the top of high over the Rhein - about 30 km from the hotel

Journey from here on Rhine - Linz am Rhein, the colorful town - approx. 10 km

Zoo Neuwied - joy for children and adults